Free iPhone and iPod Touch Games

If you are looking for solitaire card games that are free to download, you have come to the right place. Today I will show you a few of my favorite solitaire games for free on the Android Market. You can also find solitaire card games for other platforms here.

The all time favorite solitaire collection, Solitaire is now available on the new Android operating system. The all-new version is more user friendly than ever before. Play against your friend or even against the computer. With new solitaire card games free for download you never know what new technology is coming out everyday.

Klondike is the newest addition to the solitaire family. This is a great solitaire free download for anyone who wants some more solitaire action. Explore a new way to enjoy a solitaire with this exciting new version. Play against the computer or challenge your friends and get pleasure from playing the same game over again with the different solitaire variations that are available today.

The all-time classic solitaire game is now available on the Android operating system. With completely optional privacy settings users can now experience the fun new options available to enjoy their favorite classic solitaire on the go. Take your mobile device anywhere with the built-in portable LCD screen. Connect your mobile phone to your laptop or desktop computer and still enjoy hours of pure fun and entertainment.

If the solitaire card games for the iPhone and ios seem to be too easy, that’s what you get with the newest version of solitaire. It provides an improved version of the classic game play. You can now use your fingers to play against the computer. The new game engine allows players to lay out entire decks of cards in order to try to solve the mystery of the game. With an enhanced visual interface, this version of solitaire for the iPhone and iPod Touch offers you hours of pure entertainment.

If you enjoy playing solitaire, you may want to try the newer versions available. They’re extremely straightforward, have hundreds of variations, and are incredibly enjoyable. You may even find that you prefer them over the traditional solitaire card games. The new game play is very challenging but really interesting. No matter if you prefer the old or new solitaire games, you can certainly find a game that will meet your playing needs.